Retired Areas


In an effort to streamline this site's maintenance and upkeep requirements, some sections of phpBB Smith have been retired. Retired areas include the forums, database update script and .htaccess generator utilities, book reviews, and a few other miscellaneous pages.

If you need support for a phpBB modification provided on this web site, I encourage you to visit the Support Forums to ask questions of the helpful community there. I am now the administrator of, so I frequently check those forums to provide support on a variety of phpBB related issues. I will be happy to address questions or issues related to my modifications on that community.

Some of the other content retired from this site, like the .htaccess generator, may be moved to at a later date. A phpBB 2 database update script generator is available there as well. Please follow the news at that site for further updates.

Thanks for visiting phpBB Smith,