Signature Restrictions

Some forum administrators like to have very clear, precise limits on user signatures. These can involve restrictions on length and content that go beyond the limits of phpBB's default signature settings. For such forums, dealing with signatures that break the forum's rules can eat up a good bit of time for both forum staff, who have to handle these violations, and the users, who often have to guess if a signature is acceptable.

Signature Restrictions adds new settings to phpBB 3 forums, allowing administrators to set additional rules for signatures. These include the number of images, number of text lines, and number of characters per line. The width and height of images, in relation to the line restrictions, are also considered. With these more precise controls on signature length and layout, the hassle of maintaining signatures is reduced for users and staff.


  • Control the maximum number of images in a signature.
  • Set maximum filesizes for each image and/or all images totaled.
  • Limit the total height of a signature, in number of lines.
  • Limit the length of each line of a signature.
  • Image widths and heights can be included in the check to see if a signature is too wide or too long.

Preview Instructions

Below is a sample of the instructions for this modification to illustrate the complexity of the manual install process. Please note that these instructions are for example purposes only; to get the full instructions, please download the full package from the links above.

Additional Notes

The image filesize functions of this modification require PHP 5 or later, with the PHP setting allow_url_fopen enabled. When used on PHP 4 or with allow_url_fopen disabled, those features will be disabled.

phpBB Minimum Requirement: 
phpBB 3.0.11
Development Status: