Signature on Memberlist

phpBB's memberlist displays a lot of profile information about a selection of members at a glance. Typically this will include location, web site, contact details, and rank. Styles based on phpBB 3's default prosilver have a very wide field that displays both the web site and location data. This field is ideal for including a glance at member signatures. This modification will enable the display of signatures at that location.


  • Implements full BBCode, word censor, and smiliey processing.
  • Respects board configuration and permission restrictions on viewing of signatures.

Preview Instructions

Below is a sample of the instructions for this modification to illustrate the complexity of the manual install process. Please note that these instructions are for example purposes only; to get the full instructions, please download the full package from the links above.

phpBB Minimum Requirement: 
phpBB 3.0.11
Development Status: