Signature Edit Permission

In a default phpBB 3 installation, a single permission setting is used to control users' ability to both display and edit their signature. This modification adds a new permission setting, "Can edit signature," which takes over control of the latter. Displaying the signature remains under the control of the old "Can use signature" setting. The new setting allows administrators to assign a signature to users in the Administration Control Panel and prevent the user from changing this forced signature.


  • Allows more specific control of signature features.
  • Hides User Control Panel signature editor from users without the permission.

Preview Instructions

Below is a sample of the instructions for this modification to illustrate the complexity of the manual install process. Please note that these instructions are for example purposes only; to get the full instructions, please download the full package from the links above.

phpBB Minimum Requirement: 
phpBB 3.0.11
Development Status: