Redirection Suite

Redirection Suite is a collection of over ten modifications that share a common theme of altering where phpBB will send a user after performing some action on a forum. The included modifications are:

Redirect to Forum
Sends users to the parent forum, rather than topic, after posting.
Redirect to Forum II
Skip the posting success message while sending users to the parent forum, rather than topic, after posting.
Redirect to Topic
Bypasses the posting success message, sending users right to the topic's first post.
Redirect to Post
Skips success message for posting, sending a private message, and editing or deleting a post.
Redirect After Voting
Send a user to a page of your choice after voting in a poll. Useful with phpBB Fetch All for custom result pages.
Redirect From Private Forum
Display a page of your choice instead of a "forum does not exist" message on unauthorized attempts to access hidden forums.
Redirect After Registration
Pass users on to another page after registration. Includes options for automatic login if redirecting to a phpBB enabled page.
Redirect After Mark All Read
Display any page after marking all forums or topics as read.
Redirect After Mark All Read II
Skip the success message for marking forums or topics as read, and send the user to any page.
Redirect For Wrong Login
Show any page for login attempts with incorrect usernames, passwords, or inactive accounts. Separate pages for each case are supported.
Redirect Outside phpBB After Log In/Out
Send users to any page when they log into or out of your forum.
redirect() Enhancement
Allows for redirecting users outside of the phpBB directory structure.
Global Redirection Suite
Includes the abilities of all of the above modifications, plus an admin panel interface and user preferences.

Additional Notes

Redirection Suite is not compatible with phpBB 2.0.11 or later.

phpBB Minimum Requirement: 
phpBB 2.0.7
Development Status: