Post Associator

Have you ever accidentally deleted a member's account, had an unregistered poster that later became a member of your forum, or seen users creating multiple accounts? If so, Post Associator may be of use to you. This add-on can change the ownership of posts and topics from one person to any registered forum member.

When a member's account is deleted or a guest post is made, a username is stored with the post. For the deleted members, that's the username of their old account. With guest posts, it will be a username they entered at the time of posting. Either way, Post Associator can transfer all the posts with a specific username stored in that manner to any registered user. If you'd rather just change the credited author of posts by a certain registered member, the modification can update the user id number stored with posts from registered users. Just put in the two usernames, click the button, and you're done.

Post counts will be updated as needed, and even topics credited with the old username as author will reflect the new owner. An optional add-on for reassociating single posts through the Moderator Control Panel is also included.


  • Reassociates posts in the phpbb_posts and topics in the phpbb_topics tables to a registered member of your choosing.
  • Updates post counts of registered members.
  • Displays numbers of reassociated posts and topics when finished.
  • Optional moderation panel add-on for reassocation of single posts.
phpBB Minimum Requirement: 
phpBB 2.0.11
Development Status: