No Thread Stretch

Page stretching is something with which almost any user of a phpBB site will be familiar. That widening of a page that occurs when wide images, long lines of text, and even some code blocks are posted can be very annoying and even destroy a page's layout completely. No Thread Stretch helps to alleviate this problem.

The hack uses combinations of JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets to limit the width of messages to a certain number of pixels, based on the user's screen resolution. Posts that go over this width have scroll bars added - not to the entire page, but to just that post. Your page layout is preserved and you don't have to scroll a long way to read the other posts in the topic!


  • Resizes posts based on viewer's screen resolution.
  • Includes instructions for redIce template.

Additional Notes

Designed for the subSilver template. Many other templates require adjustments for any noticeable affect.

phpBB Minimum Requirement: 
phpBB 2.0.0
Development Status: