IP Search (phpBB 2)

One of the things phpBB does not provide for administrators is an easy way to search for forum users based on IP addresses. To perform such a search for an exact IP, one must first find a post made by a user from that address. That can rather difficult to accomplish in some cases, especially when dealing with dial-up users, who may have hundreds of IPs on record.

IP Search adds a new section to the Administration Panel to make this easier. You can enter an IP address and get a list of everyone that has been recorded doing something when using that IP address. You can also enter a hostname to search; the modification will look up the IPs for that host and search for all of them. Wildcards are supported at the end of IP address searches, so you can search for IPs like 127*, 127.0.*, and so on.


  • Easily find members based on IP Address or Hostname.
  • Great for locating multiple accounts used by spammers.
  • Results for registered accounts include number of posts, private messages, sessions, session keys, and votes.
  • Results for guests include number of posts, sessions, and votes.
  • Displays total overall results for users with results on multiple IPs.
  • Supports the following registration IP loggers:
    • Woody's Log IP's on Registration
    • Antony Bailey's Registration IP
    • Wicher's IP on Register
    • TerraFrost's Log IP Address on Registration

Additional Notes

  1. Requires PHP 4.1.0 or later
  2. The results for private messages may be slightly exaggerated due to phpBB's method of storing copies of sent messages.
  3. Session keys do not exist in some older versions of phpBB 2.
phpBB Minimum Requirement: 
phpBB 2.0.0
Development Status: