Global Admin Template

Have you ever installed a modification that required editing template files on a board where multiple templates are used? If so, you know that you have to edit or add the same file in every template for the hack's changes to be shown on all of the installed templates. That can take a lot of time, especially if there are many files to edit or add.

You may have also noticed that while templates can be very different from one another, many of them simply duplicate the original subSilver files for their admin panel files. While this does allow access to the phpBB admin panel, it has a negative side effect. You can wind up a copy of the exact same files for each template taking up space on your server - space that you could be using for something better.

Global Admin Template will help you out with both of these problems. It gives one copy of admin/ template files that will be used no matter what theme you choose for use on the rest of the board. You will save space by getting rid of those other admin/ template directories and save time by cutting down the number of files you have to edit and upload when installing hacks in the future.


  • Makes installing future modifications easier.
  • Frees up approximately 70 KB of file storage per secondary template.
  • Includes special instructions for compatibility with:
    • eXtreme Styles 2
    • Statistics
  • Includes premodded phpBB files.
phpBB Minimum Requirement: 
phpBB 2.0..0
Development Status: