Firefox Autocomplete Bypass

Many users of the Mozilla Firefox web browser rely on it's automatic form completion feature to save their frequently used usernames and passwords. For phpBB administrators, this can cause problems when trying to edit a forum member's account through the admin panel's user management area. Firefox will often replace the username of other forum members with that of the admin and fill in the admin's password. It doesn't cause critical issues, but it is very annoying, often causing admins to waste time going back and redoing all their edits to a user.

Firefox Autocomplete Bypass will prevent the auto-completion from triggering in the user management form. By simply renaming the standard username field, the original intended function of the page is preserved. No longer is there any need to disable a standard Firefox feature.


  • Prevents Mozilla Firefox from overwriting member information with an administrator's private details.
  • Boosts productivity without requiring edits to browser configuration.
  • Requires PHP 4.1.0 or later.
phpBB Minimum Requirement: 
phpBB 2.0.21
Development Status: