My first released template, Bones, is a different type of template for phpBB 2 forums. It is designed to cut down on the use of HTML tables and increase the use of CSS for formatting, in comparison to subSilver, the original phpBB 2 template. subSilver uses a lot of nested tables for layout, which increases the size of pages users have to download when visiting a forum. It is not the intended use of tables, and Bones moves toward using tables "correctly" (that is, only for displaying tabular data).

Another fairly popular feature of this template is the menu, which uses a two column sidebar layout. One large lefthand column contains the main forum content like topics and posts, while the righthand column displays links typically found in the header of most phpBB forums, like FAQ, Log In, and so forth.

In addition, Bones uses only a few images (folder icons, logo, profile and messenger buttons, and of course smilies) making it a good alternative for forum users on dial-up or other slower internet connections. Bones was originally developed for, and based on, this site, but is no longer in use here. Several extra color schemes come with the template; these are listed below.

Demos of each color scheme can be viewed at


  • Bones - The original style; it's mainly shades of brown with a dark gray backing.
  • BonesBlue - A blue version of Bones.
  • BonesCandyCane - A red style based on candy canes. Good for an alternative Christmas template.
  • BonesSilver - An adaption of subSilver colors. Uses subSilver profile/contact buttons.

Additional Notes

  • Tested only on this phpBB version. May have unpredictable results on other versions.
  • Fully compatible only with phpBB version 2.0.20.
phpBB Minimum Requirement: 
phpBB 2.0.20
Development Status: