Mission Statement and History

phpBB Smith was created to provide a central place to provide downloads, support, information, and related material for phpBB refinements created by the author. This mainly focuses on modifications (or hacks, if you prefer), with the occasional tutorial or additional material from time to time. While some work from the same author can be found on various other phpBB related web sites, phpBB Smith has the most of it.

At phpBB Smith, the author works toward many goals. These include creating software that makes forums easier to manage, more innovative, and more attractive to members.


This is the fourth incarnation of the phpBB Smith web site, which began as a small listing of phpBB modifications on the author's personal homepage in 2002. With the addition of more and more modifications, the small section grew very large. When became too large to manage easily, the section was reworked into a separate web site dedicated to just the phpBB material. This second version of phpBB Smith was hosted by the good folks Sourceforge.net. Much more freedom in managing and updating the site was found there, including the addition of the support forum.

Continuing growth eventually lead to moving the main areas of the site to other hosts in 2005. At this time, the site was renamed to "phpBB Smith" to match a new domain name. Many of the downloads are still hosted by and released through Sourceforge.net.

In Summer 2012, various factors including costs, activity levels and the author's new administrative position at phpBBHacks.com resulted in the site returning to Sourceforge.net hosting. At this time, the site's native phpBB forum was retired in favor of making this a purely informational site. Support for the software offered here is now available from the Support Forums located at phpBBHacks.com.