Copyright Details and Disclaimers

phpBB Smith is a distribution and development point for code intended for use with other software, most notably the forum package phpBB. This statement is provided to make the intentions of phpBB Smith clear and help protect the rights of all parties involved or represented.

All original content of the phpBB Smith web site, located at, is copyright © by Jeremy Rogers for phpBB Smith, per the copyright notice displayed at the bottom of this page and other pages of the Web Site. Most downloads and code are released under a Code License. We are in no way affiliated with the phpBB Group. phpBB is copyright to the phpBB Group.

Some decorative graphics on the phpBB Smith web site are, or were created from, public domain images found at the Open Clip Art Library. Other graphics are original works and copyright according to the statement above. Any graphics in the latter category should not be used without permission.

Some emoticons used in the phpBB Smith forum are courtesy of Mazeguy Smilies.

On occasion, content from other web sites or software not released at phpBB Smith may be posted on the web site, especially in the forum. Such content is assumed to be copyrighted by and/or property of the original author(s) and used on the phpBB Smith web site with the intention of falling under Fair Use clauses of United States copyright law. No ownership of such content by anyone affiliated with phpBB Smith is stated or implied, except where such a person is the original author. Content of this type posted in the forums will be removed, when possible, following a reasonable request by the owner(s). Proof of ownership may be required, at the discretion of the phpBB Smith web site's operator.

Publishing Rights Statement

All content submitted to phpBB Smith is granted to phpBB Smith with perpetual, non-exclusive, electronic publishing rights. We need these rights in order to serve the web site to each visitor.

We recognize that people will occasionally leave our community for a variety of reasons, but we do not remove accounts or content simply because of these departures. Individuals may request the removal of items at any time, but the phpBB Smith staff will decide when and/or if any content will or will not be removed. We will generally honor requests to close an account and remove identifying account details, such as username and profile information, from the account holder when possible.

We also reserve the right to edit, replace, or remove any submitted content at any time, without notification. This is occasionally necessary to comply with requests like those described above, to perform maintenance on the web site, or preserve the quality of the web site by removing posts that violate our Participation Guidelines.