Building Online Communities with phpBB

CoverIn May 2005, Building Online Communities with phpBB, the first book dedicated entirely to phpBB, was published. Co-authored by Stoyan Stefanov, Mike Lothar, and myself, it covers a variety of topics dealing with the forum software, such as basic installation, using the Admin Panel, and creating advanced customizations. It is great guide for making the most of your phpBB forum in effectively creating and maintaining an active community on a web site.

I wrote Chapters Four and Seven, along with Appendix A, in the book. You can download a 24 page sample of Chapter Four, Customizing Your Forum, with this PDF document created by the publishers, Packt Publishing. This chapter explains how to install new templates on your forum.

Chapter Seven details the process of creating a simple modification. I've created over fourty publicly released modifications and dozens of privately released ones, ranging from one liners to complex systems. In my time as a Support Team member at, I've fixed hundreds of broken modifications and templates. Between Stoyan Stefanov's great handle on the workings of the phpBB administration system, Mike Lothar's excellent template design skills, and my knowledge of modifications, you can be sure that this book will teach you something, regardless of your experience level with phpBB. Even if you're an "expert," there's always roow to grow and more to learn. It's also a great reference for those that like to have a real, physical copy of material on hand.

Look for Building Online Communities with phpBB at your local bookstores and computer stores. You can purchase a copy online from many book retailers, including and Packt's web site for the book. It's even been seen on eBay. Both eBooks and paperback versions are available, along with sample code downloads.

A portion of the proceeds of each copy is donated to the phpBB project by the publisher. If you use and enjoy phpBB, show your support and expand your knowledge by purchasing a copy of Building Online Communities with phpBB today!

phpBB: A User Guide

Cover Also available from Packt is an abridged edition of Building Online Communities with phpBB, entitled phpBB: A User Guide. This book contains selected content from the larger book above and is available at a discounted price. If you're interested in learning how to operate a phpBB forum without going into great detail about how to program modifications or build your own totally custom site design, then you'll want to go for this book. It contains several chapters by Stoyan Stefanov and one from me.

phpBB: A User Guide covers all the introductory stuff you'll need to know about running a phpBB forum. Whether it's installing the forum, setting up discussion areas, working with smilies, adding new styles, or understanding the complex permissions system, all the basic information every phpBB admin needs is here. If you want a preview, remember to check out the PDF sample. Some content seen there is also in this book.

As with the larger book, phpBB: A User Guide can be purchased online at a number of places, including and the Packt Publishing web site for this book.