About the Author

My name is Jeremy Rogers, but in phpBB circles I can usually be found under the alias or account name of Thoul. I have been working with phpBB since 2002, beginning with the 2.0.x branch of the project. I don't claim to be an "expert" on the subject of phpBB. It's a constantly evolving field, so no one person can know everything about it.

phpBB first came to my attention in 2001, with phpBB 1.4, when I was interested in creating a community on a classic video gaming web site. By the time I was ready to move foward with that in early 2002, phpBB 2 was out and became the software of choice. That community only lasted for a few months before being closed due to problems with the hosting provider. By then, however, I was already well into creating and releasing modifications for the forum software, so instead of dropping phpBB entirely, I continued to work with it. My focus changed from creating my own forums to modification work.

Getting out into the greater phpBB community, both through supporting and developing my own work as well as helping others, led to a position with the phpBBHacks.com Support Team, which I served on from August 2003 to July 2007. At that time, my focus began to change again, this time to providing support for other people's forums and modifications rather than developing my own. I still did a little modification work, but rarely took on large projects due to the amount of time that went into support at phpBBHacks.com. Most of the development I did during this time was focused on hired projects for a few individuals that I've come to trust and respect.

My position at phpBBHacks.com led to other opportunities as well. In 2005, the first book dedicated entirely to phpBB was published. I was fortunate enough to be offered a chance to write part of it, which was a great experience. Also, I have received awards for my work. A lot of custom coding jobs have come my way because of this, as well.

In early 2012, I took the reins of phpBBHacks.com as the site administrator. This position allows me to do much more to promote phpBB and modifications, but phpBB Smith still serves as my base for distributing early releases or software in need of testing.

Outside of phpBB

My other hobby interests cover a wide range of areas. Some of the larger ones include video gaming, collecting comic books and related merchandise, and reading epic fantasy novels. I always like a good and entertaining story. There are plenty of those in these hobbies, but I don't have as much time to devote to them as in years past.

My main personal phpBB forum is found at Fringes of Algo, a fan community for the Phantasy Star video game series.