Welcome to the new phpBB Smith

phpBB Smith has recently moved to hosting on a different server! The site is now live on hosting provided by Sourceforge.net, which has been the home of the site's downloads for many years.

During this move, the site has also undergone some other important changes. Most obviously, there is a new site design. This design is fairly simple, without a lot of heavy images or visual elements. This reflects a lot of the site's nature as home of programming projects rather than visual design projects, in my opinion. The new design is also more mobile friendly and based on HTML5 and Responsive Design. To accommodate these features, the old custom backend has been retired in favor of using the Drupal CMS.

The second big change is that the site's support forums have been set into read-only mode. New accounts cannot be registered and new posts cannot be created. The prior content remains accessible as an archive of past support cases, in the hopes that it will prove helpful to those looking for solutions regarding some of the older software found here. Any new support issues can be discussed at the phpBBHacks.com Support Forums. Since I have become the administrator there, I tend to check in there more often than I do here. The private message system of the support forums here is still be operational, so existing members can also send me a PM if necessary. And there's always e-mail or the site's contact form, as well.

This change of hosts was precipitated by a number of factors, but they all boil down to finding the best way to use my resources and spread them across the multiple sites that I operate. Given the projected costs of my sites and the time they all require, I felt that placing the site back on Sourceforge's free project web hosting while making these changes to the software was the best move.

Thank you for visiting phpBB Smith!