Welcome to phpBB Smith! On this site, you'll find add-on software, tutorials, and other materials related to phpBB, the popular open source forum software. Operating and maintaining a web site community can involve a lot of difficult work. The goal of phpBB Smith is to lower the burden on site administrators using phpBB by providing tools and advice to ease their tasks.

All of the software available through this site is developed by Thoul. You can learn more about phpBB Smith, explore the software using the Projects menu on every page, or see the most recent updates to the site below. If you need assistance with the software available here, please request help at the phpBBHacks.com Support Forums. An archive of the support forums is available for consolation of issues with older software.

Word Cleaner Updated, Count Search Words Released

Today an update to Word Cleaner for phpBB 2 has been released. Version 1.3.0 provides a new "Stopword Cleaner" feature, which can eliminate words listed in a board's search_stopwords.txt file from the search index database. This can be helpful if that file has been corrupted in the past or if new entries are added to the file. A staggered processing feature has also been introduced to prevent timeout errors when processing large databases.

Signature Restrictions Updated to 1.1.0

Today I am pleased to announce an update to my Signature Restrictions modification for phpBB 3. Version 1.1.0 adds support for custom image BBCodes, an option to disable image size checks and improved handling of conditions where image size checks are not possible due to server configurations. Update instructions are included. The new release can be downloaded from the Signature Restrictions page now.

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